Safari’s Sanctuary’s (now former) president Karri Murphy’s appeal to the USDA to reconsider denial of a license to her and the new Safari’s Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc., group to manage Safari’s Sanctuary was rejected January 17, 2013 – USDA AWA Docket No. 13-0077

This Decision and Order by Judge Jill S. Clinton specifies that the earliest that Karri and/or SWSI could possibly have a USDA license is one year after the decision date—not until January 17, 2014, but she would be able apply 60 days prior to that for a license.

This is unlikely to occur, since Karri left Safari’s in January 2013 and has since moved on to other endeavors.

This document was not included in the response received this month from the USDA to our Freedom of Information Act formal request for all information related to the new management team of interns’ (Karri Murphy’s) application for a USDA license.   It was found by chance today during online searches for other information.


This week, we will be submitting a new FOIA request to the USDA to ask for all documents related to Karri’s appeal (Docket 13-0077).

Of concern is whether it was Karri Murphy herself or someone else using her name who filed the appeal, based on information we know, outlined in an article to be posted right after this one, and the reasons outlined for the automatic rejection of the appeal, outlined in the beginning of this Decision and Order (because of non-responses and follow-through from Karri to instructions and requests from the USDA).

When we receive a response to the new FOIA request, the information will be posted here.

Karri Murphy's appeal to the USDA rejected Jan 13, 2013_Page_1

Karri Murphy's appeal to the USDA rejected Jan 13, 2013_Page_2


jpeg pg 1 of 2 of USDA ruling amendment caption Feb. 25, 2013


jpeg pg 2 of 2 of USDA ruling amendment caption Feb. 25, 2013



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