USDA informs Lori Ensign-Scroggins of Safari’s Sanctuary she is “UNFIT TO BE LICENSED” in letter of January 17, 2012

This letter of January 17, 2012, informs Lori Ensign-Scroggins that the USDA APHIS Animal Care Division intended to pursue administrative action to revoke her USDA license.  The first paragraph reads:  “We are mailing you your notice of License Renewal for the above referenced certificate.  However, please know that although we are notifying you that your license is due for renewal on or before March 25, 2012, Animal Care intends to pursue administrative action to revoke this license, based upon section 2.12 of the regulations (9 C.F.R. SEC. 2.12) on the grounds that you are unfit to be licensed and that your continued licensure would be contrary to the purposes of the AWA.”   [AWA is the Animal Welfare Act]

Lori pretends to the public that USDA findings were minimal, unimportant, and arbitrary. She pretends that she planned to retire because of her illness.  She pretends that she has run the park responsibly and professionally for the last 17-plus years.  This letter makes it very clear that the USDA found her unfit to run an exotic animal park, particularly one open to the public.

USDA letter Jan 17, 2012 [jpeg] to Lori Ensign-Scroggins informing her she is unfit to be licensed